Ian Lipton for City Council
Ian Lipton for City Council

politics of possibility

Elect Ian Lipton, Councillor Ward 12 (Toronto St. Paul's)

And help create a new kind of politics in Toronto

ian's vision

A city built on social, economic and environmental sustainability

Toronto is already one of the greatest cities in the world. Yet the challenges we face require a new approach.  Issues such as gun violence, drug addiction, traffic congestion, housing shortages, crumbling infrastructure, and storm damage are all only symptoms of deeper problems.  Solutions require a long-term view based on the principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability. 

Government guided by integrity and honour

Populism. Partisanship. Us versus them.  Never have we been so constrained by the limitations of our points of view.  When our fears and feelings dictate our policy decisions, we are left with a zero-sum game of winners and losers leading to anger, resentment, corruption and resignation.  What would be possible if those in public office stepped outside the "normal" political framework of right vs. wrong, left vs. right, and us vs. them?   What if integrity, honour and cooperation became the new normal of political life?

Healthy people living fulfilling lives

Of all the levels of government in Canada, municipal government has the greatest ability to improve the quality of our daily lives.  Public transit, outdoor parks, trails, bike lanes, vibrant public spaces, museums, mixed-use neighbourhoods, safe sidewalks, community centres,  libraries;  all of these contribute to the health and quality of our lives. They deserve our creative attention for their preservation and enhancement

Some Ideas to Explore

Stimulate Local Economy

  • Local job banks
  • Neighbourhood mentorship programs
  • Mixed-use zoning

Low-Cost, Carbon-Free Electricity

  • Roof-top solar energy at no additional cost to taxpayers

Sustainable Development

  • Property tax reform and reduced development fees for environmentally sustainable buildings & homes
  • Neighbourhood climate change resiliency plans

Promote Mixed Market Housing

  • Encourage the development of neighbourhoods that integrate mixed-income and mixed-use buildings

Support Independent Living

  • Improve sidewalk snow-clearing and other infrastructure services for seniors and those with disabilities
  • Know-your-neighbour programs
  • Expand home-based healthcare services

Incorporate Smart Technology

  • Maximize the efficient use and value of local community assets
  • Encourage decentralized workspaces to reduce commuting time

Who is Ian Lipton?


Loving and devoted dad to awesome 12 year-old daughter; the light of my life. Widowed.

Business Leader

Over 25 years of creating jobs and building businesses that make a positive difference in the lives of others.  

Sustainability Expert

  • President, The Carbon Accounting Company
  • Co-CEO, Nhanced Energy Corp.
  • Lecturer, University of Toronto, Institute for Management & Innovation


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